Five Batty Things Karl Lagerfeld (Supposedly) Does

Meet Arnaud Maillard, Karl Lagerfeld’s former assistant. He wanted to quit to take a different job, Karl fired him first (!), and poor Arnaud said he’s been “jobless” ever since.

So like legions of disgruntled assistants before him who read The Devil Wears Prada, Arnaud wrote Merci Karl! (in French and German only) about life with his allegedly high-maintenance ex-boss. Karl tried to block portions of Merci Karl! from being published, but unforch for Karl, Arnaud’s publisher is the bigger dog.

We thought we were over the tell alls, but Karl Lagerfeld is such a weirdo that Merci Karl has got to be good. Here’s five kooky tidbits we gleaned already…

  1. Karl needs Pepsi in a Baccarat crystal glass everywhere he goes.
  2. And he needs his drink refreshed every 30 minutes.
  3. He puts super-expensive La Prairie body cream between his toes.
  4. He has photos of himself taken at every photo shoot.
  5. Most people in the world of fashion will say nasty things to you to your face if they don’t like you. But Karl will flat out stop talking to you, period.

[Der Spiegel]

[Karl Lager-felt via Etsy]