Black Women Can’t Get No Love From The Beauty Industry

African-American women may spend almost eight billion dollars a year on beauty products and cosmetics but they still can’t get no satisfaction. That’s what a new study by Essence magazine revealed. During a breakfast conference at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York this week, a panel, which included Essence’s beauty editor Mikki Taylor and legendary makeup artist Same Fine, discussed the findings.
Because there’s a lack of effective products in the marketplace, African-Americans spend an estimated 80 percent more on cosmetics than other groups because of a constant search for items that actually work for their skin. Essense also discovered that African-American consumers are dissatisfied by the lack of role models within beauty campaigns. Beyoncé and Halle Berry are two of only a handful of black celebs who are featured in beauty ad campaigns, compared to dozens of white women. And in the anti-aging category, black women have virtually no role models. “There’s no face of aging in the African-American community,” said Fine. “There’s Sharon Stone and Christie Brinkley, but no one who’s African-American.”

Hello, someone get Vanessa Williams a contract, stat! Big beauty brands ought to listen up. Imagine how much money African-American would spend if their needs were actually being met? Maybe their pockets will listen, even if their conscience won’t. [WWD]