14 Rules For Summer Dressing

We’re shedding our winter clothes (and showing some skin) now that the temperature is heating up. But since we live in an area that is chilly for more than half of the year, we have to relearn how to dress and groom for warm weather every year. Here are the rules to avoid fashion faux pas, embarrassment, and offending others after the jump.

  1. Clear deodorant is a must
  2. No visible bra straps
  3. Nude underwear is every girl’s BFF
  4. Skin deserves exfoliation
  5. Skin shouldn’t resemble an ash tray — moisturize!
  6. Rubber flip-flops aren’t real footwear — thong sandals are
  7. What’s a tunic in the winter isn’t a dress in the summer
  8. No one wants to see crusty feet — invest in a Ped Egg
  9. Absolutely no Uggs
  10. Self-tanner is for those who have eyes in back of their heads
  11. Not shaving isn’t a political statement, it’s just gross
  12. Thick makeup turns into a cakey mess in high-humidity situations
  13. Back and chest acne should be medicated or hidden
  14. Sunburns aren’t cute or sexy — screen your skin