10 Sex Locations You Thought Were Hot, But Are Really Not

I’ve heard time and time again that gettin’ jiggy with it in the pool is fabulous, so I decided to test the waters. To my dismay, I found that pool sex actually kind of sucks — the friction from the H2O doesn’t make for very smooth sailing. The uncomfortable experience didn’t bring much pleasure, but it did get me thinking about all the other supposedly “super hot” love-making locations that actually blow. After the jump, 10 overrated spots to screw (and a few underrated ones too).

  1. The Pool (water being shoved in the vajayjay isn’t the most pleasurable experience)
  2. The Washing Machine (all that random bouncing is awkward and so distracting)
  3. The Ocean (jellyfish and orgasms don’t mix)
  4. The Forest (thorny bushes and roots? I don’t think so!)
  5. The Beach (I’m still finding sand in my crotch)
  6. The Airplane Bathroom (revolting smells + one square foot of space = no fun)
  7. The Pool Table (worse than rug burn)
  8. The Backseat (hello, leg cramps!)
  9. In Public (c’mon, gross)
  10. On a Boat (twice the seasickness!)

But if you’re looking to be adventurous AND comfortable, try these:

  1. On The Golf Course (golf turf is so soft!)
  2. In A Tent (what better way to unwind after a long hike?)
  3. Sitting On a Counter (more comfy than you might think…)

Or…there’s always the classic and cozy bed. Remember that?