You Need This In Your Life: The Eyebrow Weave

Eyebrow weaves. Yep, you read correctly. These furry little monsters are cut-to-order eyebrow wigs that you glue on to your brow bone. What’s the purpose of this beautifying treatment — besides looking like a cousin of the Cookie Monster? Matching your platinum blond weave with your brows, of course! The eyebrow weave gives you the freedom to dye your hair different colors without the pressure to dye your eyebrows to match. Now, instead of shaving, bleaching, and coloring your brows, you can paste the matching color to your face. Genius! Judge if you must, but for the mane maniacs of the world who are addicted to playing with different style and weaves, this product could totally be part our getting dolled-up routine. Bad news, though: After hours of research and several nationwide phone calls, we could not track this product down. Blasted! Well, hopefully lady luck will smile on us and this product will be available for purchase in the near future. []