Women Give Their Babymakers A Rest While The Economy Gets Back On Track

The recession is effecting more than just our wallets. As money gets tighter, a lot of women are putting their baby-making plans on hold. Women’s clinics across California are getting record numbers of calls, and many of the callers are wanting abortions. And not just single women—a lot of them have families already, but are reconsidering poppin’ another one out because, well, kids are expensive and folks are worried about losing their jobs. Check out some other ways women are restructuring their sex lives these days. [LATimes]

  • Some chicks are kicking less effective methods of birth control to the curb and using long-term contraceptives that work for five, even ten, years. Requests for IUDs are up 83 percent in some clinics. No one wants any “unexpected surprises” while the economy is acting all crazy.
  • Others are heading to cheaper clinics, or even free ones like Planned Parenthood, intead of showing their stuff to an expensive gyno in a nice office building. Hey, they both use the same tools and it’s uncomfortable no matter where you go.
  • One clinic reports that 72 percent of the women in their care are considering abortions, compared to 60 percent last year. Bet the religious right is really happy to hear that.

Has the economic turmoil effected your BC decisions in any way?