The Holy Grail of Sneakers

If you love you high-fashion kicks, you’re gonna go bananas for the “Canal Street” sneaker. Designed by Sole Food, it features designer logos in spades. If Vuitton is your label of choice, it has the Sprouse and the Daimler. If you’re a Gucci girl, the sole features the legendary Gucci red-and-green color combo. If nothing but Chanel will do, the ankle has the classic interlocking C’s in black and white.

This copyright infringement violation dictates why they named it Canal Street, the legendary New York avenue where fake luxury goods abound. But there’s nothing faux about this shoe, a handmade sneaker that retails for $500.00.

They’re available by custom order at Sole Food Sneaker Gallery in New York City. [Kicks On Fire]