The 2010 Olympic Torch Looks Like A Joint

Remember when Michael Phelps got in trouble for smoking weed? Well, we think the Olympic people are toeing the hypocritical line because the torch they designed for the 2010 games looks unmistakably like a joint. It’s made of of stainless steel, aluminum, and sheet molding, but that hasn’t stopped many from calling it the “Olympic Toke.” We aren’t really surprised that this sweet item hails from Vancouver, a very “marijuana-friendly” place. Maybe the designers were trying to promote British Columbia’s biggest cash crop? Officially, the torch is supposed to resemble the lines left behind by skiers and skaters on snow and ice. Industrial designer Mark Busse said, “Sure, it may look a little bit like a joint, but I can tell you that what they were going for was ergonomics, sleekness, modernity.” So what does he think it looks like? To him, it resembles a tweezer or scalpel.

Although officials say the reference was completely unintentional, Jodie Emery of Cannabis Culture recognized it right away. “I think people who already enjoy a joint themselves will feel a little more kinship to the Olympics,” she said.

Suzanne Reeves, who took the torch across the country, said people’s faces lit up when they got to hold it. A couple of weeks ago, Reeves had the torch in a bag and said a cyclist did a double-take when he saw it. “It’s quite magical. Most people’s reactions are emotional,” she said. [TheStar]