Skip This Flick: Lars Von Trier’s “Antichrist”

If you’re mid-breakfast, you might want to skip this post. One of the films that debuted at this week’s Cannes Film Festival is “Antichrist,” the latest from director Lars Von Trier. Since the screening yesterday, everyone has been talking about how the movie crosses the line of what’s appropriate for “mainstream” cinema. Starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe, the film is about a couple who, while mourning the death of their young son, mutilate each other in vile, graphic, despicable ways.

“Gainsbourg hits Dafoe so hard in the testicles with a plank of wood that he lapses into a coma. He ejaculates blood when she masturbates him. She drills a hole through his leg before tying him to a rock. But the scene that has caused the most disquiet is the close-up of Gainsbourg’s character cutting off her clitoris with a rusty pair of scissors.”

Von Trier is well-known for controversial movies like “Dancer In The Dark,” in which the blind main character, played by Bjork, is sentenced to die by hanging. One of his earlier films, “The Idiots,” started a trend in art house flicks in which actors had real sex. “Antichrist” makes those film seem like “Muppets Take Manhattan.” Why would I want to watch someone’s testicle get smashed right before he ejaculates blood? If you’re one of the nutty motherf**kers for whom this sounds like a raging good time, check out the trailer here. But so far, the reviews are not good. [Times U.K.]