Same Dress, Different Style

This morning a fashion DISASTER occurred at The Frisky offices. Annika and Emily showed up to work and discovered that — oops — they’d worn the same Gap dress. (It’s not available online, but here’s a similar but longer style.) At first, they were a little peeved, but then they realized that this happened because they both have great taste. We love how they’re wearing the cobalt dress slightly differently. Annika dressed it up with a pair of hot purple heels and a matching scarf, while Emily played it casual with a thin grandpa cardigan and flip-flops.EMILY

  1. Lightweight V-Neck Cardigan, $24.50, Old Navy
  2. Mischa Sunglasses, $11, Fred Flare
  3. 14k Gold Vermeil Scissors Necklace, $60, Erica Weiner
  4. Leather Capri Sandals, $39.50, J.Crew


  1. Printed Gauze Scarf, $12.50, Old Navy
  2. Franco Sarto Album Peep Toe Pump, $54.42 on sale, Endless (similar to Annika’s)
  3. B.Makowsky Cairo Chain Shopper, $199, Dillard’s