Meet The “Southern Belles”

“Southern Belles: Louisville” premieres tonight on SOAPNet at 10 p.m. At first, I thought this show would be a knockoff “Real Housewives” because some of the same themes come up — breasts, men, wealth, and ambition. But after watching a clip of Shea, Hadley, and Emily on “The View” today, I realized that “Southern Belles” might be exactly what a single lady needs for a night at home alone. These women are younger than most of the housewives from Orange County, New York City, and Atlanta, and they’re all single. The drama on “The Housewives” often centers around the single women — Gretchen Rossi was a gold digger, Kim Zolciak was a homewrecker, Bethenny Frankel was “pathetically single.” So, what will the Belles talk about? Old money vs. new money is one. Egos will clash. The women say their goal is to debunk the Southern girl stereotype. Learn more about the Belles after the jump.

“Southern Belles: Louisville”
Name: Emily
Relationship status: Single
Occupation: No clue, but she bought her first home at 22
Fashion style: Bold and glamorous with a tad of punk flair
How her friends would describe her: Ambitious, loyal, spontaneous, fashionable, thoughtful
Name: Julie
Relationship status: Single
Occupation: Fundraiser for local non-profit
Fashion style: “In general, my style is very feminine and girly. But I tend to always want to be “just right” for the occasion or time/place.”
How her friends would describe her: Fun, loyal, respectful, intelligent, and busy
Name: Shea
Relationship status: In a relationship
Occupation: Real estate agent
Fashion style: “I love comfy clothes whenever I can get away with them. Otherwise, I would say I like modern but classic with a bit of sex appeal.”
How her friends would describe her: I did not have the answer to this question in my head, so I asked a couple good friends. [They said] “wise, beautiful, independent, silly, loyal”; “brave, wild, strong, generous, guarded”; “caring, patient, loyal, smart/interesting, fun/funny.”
Name: Kellie
Relationship status: Divorced
Occupation: Bikram yoga instructor
Fashion Style: Classic with a twist
How her friends would describe her: Real, aware,fun, blunt, complex, social, complicated, loyal, and good hearted
Name: Hadley
Relationship status: Single
Occupation: Project coordinator for a production company
Fashion Style: “I don’t think that I fall into a specific category of dress. I like to choose fashion trends that tickle my fancy.”
How her friends would describe her: Witty, outgoing, independent, intelligent, and unique

[Photos: SOAPNet]