Kris Allen Beats Adam Lambert For The Title of “American Idol”

I don’t think I’ve seen America so wound up over the results of an election since November. In case you live under a rock, Kris Allen, the Jack Johnson-type from Arkansas, beat out glam-rocker Adam Lambert from San Diego for the title of “American Idol” last night. The star-studded season finale, which included performances by Cyndi Lauper, KISS, Queen, and a host of other music legends, ran over two hours. “It feels good,” Kris replied when Ryan asked how it felt to win, “but Adam deserves this.” If Twitter-verse is any indication, a lot of America agrees with him. This morning, Idol-themed twitters are popping up at a rate of about 100 per minute, most of which are incredulous not so much over Kris’ win, but over Adam’s loss. Even those who found Adam’s screechy singing mostly intolerable couldn’t deny his dramatic star-quality, a characteristic poor Kris seemed almost apologetic about lacking. But as past seasons have taught us, it’s not winning the title that secures a promising career. Some of the biggest stars to emerge from the show came in second — or even seventh place. (Jennifer Hudson, anyone?) And some say it’s even better for one’s career not to win, if only to escape the embarrassment of releasing a first single that has the words “dream,” “believe,” and “amazing” in the lyrics.

This was arguably the most exciting season to date, with a new judge, some twists in the format, and a diverse and fairly talented group of singers. They even threw a blind guy into the mix to keep things interesting; too bad he sang like a poor man’s John Tesh. The big question is: Will you buy any album from this year’s crop of contestants?