The Invasion Of Pink Board Games

I like pink. Exhibit A: my bubble gum-colored toe nail polish. Exhibit B: my favorite pink mug. But even I am a taken aback by the onslaught of board games lately that have gotten girly, pinkified makeovers. Take, for example, Designer’s Edition Scrabble, which comes in a powder pink box complete with the word F-A-S-H-I-O-N spelled out on the cover. The Toys ‘R’ Us website says it has “style, taste and elegant accessories like a pastel rotating gameboard, pearlescent letter tiles and embroidered fabric pouch. All the fashionable game pieces are designed with a woman in mind, but with the same Scrabble challenge you know and love.” I don’t care if the letters are pearlized. In Scrabble, the only thing I notice is the look on your face when I beat your ass with a killer seven-letter word like X-I-P-H-O-I-D.

Scrabble isn’t the only classic game that’s been pinkified in an attempt to lure in “girly” consumers. Check out the others after the jump.

The Pinkest Of Board Games
Monopoly: Pink Edition Board Game. I know Monopoly comes out with special editions all the time, and I love my Alfred Hitchcock version, but I’m not feeling this latest incarnation. Not only does the bank double as a jewelry box, but they’ve forgone classic games pieces like the horse and roadster in favor of girl-friendly items like a purse, high heel, and hair dryer. Instead of hotels, you buy and sell malls? [Toy Store Inc, $29.99]
Ouija Board Pink. What’s the best way to target a female audience? If you ask those behind this new Ouija Board, they’d say, “Make it pink and purple!” That’s exactly what they did. What if a guy is really into pink and a girl prefers blue? [Toys ‘R’ Us, $19.99]
Jenga Pink GirlTalk. This new spin on the original Jenga has questions on each block: “Who is your closest friend?” Of course, they had to kick the girlie factor up a notch with pink packaging. Speaking of Girl Talk, do you remember that board game from the ’80s? [$19.99 via Toys ‘R’ Us]