Who’s Gonna Play A Fashion Video Game?

Fashion Week won’t roll around again until next September, but the people over at 505 Games are hard at work on a video game that simulates the experience for peasants like us who won’t be sitting front row inside those hallowed tents. With a little help from IMG and uber-famous makeup artist Pat McGrath, 505 will be putting out a video game for iPhone, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony consoles that promises “a true insider’s point of view.”All we know about how the games will work is that they will “feature top models and runways,” but that’s enough to get us skeptical about the concept.

What self-respecting aspiring fashion girl is going to sit at home on a Friday night playing wannabe-Anna Wintour games instead of prancing around in her sample sale Jimmy Choos? In order for this thing to succeed, there needs to be bitchiness all over the place, some counting of how many models fall on the catwalk in their teetering heels, and a hell of a lot of PETA protesters doing their patented paint-throwing at all manners of glamorous virtual people.

Which features would convince a fashionable girl like yourself to whip out the Wii and give this one a go? Let us know in the comments. [Media Post]