The Meanest Things Women Say To Men

A few men have hurt our feelings with their words, but guys aren’t the only ones to verbally abuse. We thought it would be fair to come clean about the meanest things we’ve said to the opposite sex. All our statements were completely provoked and deserved for some reason or another, OK?

“You’re too big to have such a short stroke.” — Niki

“If you speak my name again I will ruin your life. Oh, and your balls are the size of grapefruits. Disgusting.” — Mya

“We just broke up, why would I marry you?” — Denise

“You bring out the worst in me.” — Susan

“If that wasn’t the first time you’ve ever had sex, I think you’re gay.” — Sarah

“Your penis is a small problem. You’re the big one.” — Patricia

“You ruined my life.” — Michelle

“Get your f**king hand off my head, or I will never be going south again.” — Karen

We know you’ve said at least one mean thing to a guy, so let us know in the comments.