What Item In Your Closet Would You Hate To Have Stolen?

When Rachel Bilson was out of town, her LA home was burgled. The thief raided the star’s closet, taking designer clothes, shoes, handbags, and jewelry, including items given to her by her grandmother. While the loss of her Chanel collection unfortunate, it’s the stealing of the jewelry that Rachel’s grandmother gave her that’s most heart-wrenching; it can’t be replaced.

That got me thinking: What clothing or accessory would I be most upset about if it got stolen? It would probably be a bracelet my parents gave me. While the item could be replaed, I would always know that it wasn’t the one they gave me. Another contender: a pair of shoes I bought in South Africa when I lived there. Then I realized that even though they’re irreplaceable, I haven’t even worn them in two years! They’re la souvenir from that period in my life, and I hold onto them because I feel like I should. Actually, I kind of wish someone would steal them; then I wouldn’t feel bad about getting rid of them. And I’d have room for a new pair of shoes.

What item in your closet would you most hate to get stolen? And what would you like to see go?