Top 10 Alternatives To The Word “Boyfriend”

Dating in high school is dramatic: He kissed her? I thought he liked me! Will he tell all his friends if we go to second base? If I ask him to the dance, does that mean we’re dating? And if we’re dating, is he my boyfriend?As an adult you’re more mature, but grown-up dating is fraught with it’s own challenges: Why hasn’t he called me back? When do I introduce him to my kids? When do we go from friend-with-benefits to dating? And if we’re dating, is he my boyfriend? OK, maybe it’s not so different from high school, after all.

One question certainly remains the same: what do you call the guy you’ve been seeing for the past few weeks? It’s a question of status, but as an adult, it’s also a question of word choice. Because, as Big asked Carrie in the Sex and the City movie, when you’re both adults, isn’t he
a little old to be your boyfriend? It sounds so, well, high school. Poll: What Do You Call Your Boyfriend?

In the spirit of maturation, YourTango has come up with 10 alternate names to call your man. Try these on for size.

The Good: There’s no doubt that everyone’s equal in this relationship.
The Bad: Are you dating or starting up a limited liability company?

The Good: It’s sophisticated, it leaves nothing to the imagination and can we say sexxxy?
The Bad: We’ve got four words for you: “Granny, meet my lover…”

The Good: It’s French, and they seem to know little bit about how to make love last (hello, kisses).
The Bad: Trying to explain to your family this doesn’t mean he has a wife and 2.5 kids at home.

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