Rachel Bilson’s Closet Gets Burglarized

Fabulous clothes are as ubiquitous in Hollywood as headbands are on Blair Waldorf’s head. But Rachel Bilson has serious style — a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ above the norm. That’s why we’re bummed to hear that a robber broke into her L.A. home while she was on vacation and swiped a whole bunch of her jewelry and designer clothing, “including a trove of vintage shoes and her Chanel collection.”

Our condolences to Rachel, but how do we say this? This robber is after our own hearts. We would never go as far as breaking and entering, but we’ve definitely lusted after some of her recent drool-worthy outfits, like that teal dress. Here’s what we would have ganked had we been this thief.

We’d swipe this top and copy the way Rachel leaves the necktie pieces artfully untied.

From this ensemble, we’d grab the dress. Love burnt orange.

Two words — those shoes. We’re all about the toe, the T-strap, and the hint of bejeweled glamor. If these heels were on this thief’s hit list, she’ll be the most stylish lady in the jailhouse. Here’s hoping that Rachel gets her stuff back.