Quick Vid: Bikini-Clad Woman Arrested After High Speed Chase

No Shirt, no shoes, big problem! After a long day of swimming and drinking, West coaster Annette Hurd was involved in a little accident. Rather than stop her vehicle, she fled the scene. And drove more than 50 miles before stopping. Even with police cars and helicopters tailing her. Why? “I was worried about losing my dog,” she says.

Reaching speeds of 100 mph, this high-speed chase ended in Sacramento when police used a patrol car to ram Hurd’s sweet ride to a stop. (And by “sweet,” we mean she was driving a Geo Tracker. Hottt.) This chick jumped out of her car, wearing no shoes and a pink tankini, and threw herself, mullet and all, onto the pavement. She was handcuffed and carted away. [AOL]

Looks like her dog had to spend the night alone after all.