Hayden Panettiere And Other Celebs With Misspelled Tattoos

Hayden Panettiere has been showing off a new tattoo on her torso, but the tattoo, which reads “vivere senza rimipianti” (“to live without regrets”), is misspelled. Her “rimpianti” has an extra “i” in it. Now, we’re guessing Hayden has at least one regret. She isn’t the only celebrity who has a tattoo gone wrong. Thankfully, my Arabic tattoo says exactly what I wanted it to. More tattoo mishaps after the jump.

Celebrities with Misspelled Tattoos
Who: David Beckham
What He Wanted: “Victoria” in Sanskrit
What He Got: “Vihctoria” in Sanskrit
Who: Britney Spears
What She Wanted: “Mysterious” in Chinese characters
What She Got: “Strange” in Chinese characters
Who: Rihanna
What She Wanted: “Forgiveness, Honesty, Suppression and Control” in Sanskrit
What She Got: “Forgiveness, Honesty, Suppression and Control” misspelled in Sanskrit

[Photos: Splash News]