Comedian Jay Mohr Calls Michelle Obama A Man

Is it “Hate on Michelle Obama” week? Supermodel Iman told Parade Mrs. O is “no great beauty.” Now, comic Jay Mohr is adding his two cents. During a call-in on “The Jim Rome Show” on ESPN, he went off on a mean-spirited monologue about the First Lady. Some of the low-light’s:

“Michelle Obama—that is a big dude. When Barack plays pick up games at the White House, you know he picks Michelle as his forward, maybe his (center) depending on who’s in Congress that day.”

“That has to be like being married to Elton Brand. She is a big dude.”

“I like when she put her arm around the Queen of England and she put her in a headlock and said, ‘I’ve been waiting 200 years to put my arms around you lady.'”

We know Jay considers himself a comic, but these comments are not funny at all. They are disrespectful and cross the line, especially considering the First Lady is not an elected official. Listen to the call—he starts in on Michelle at about 1:54 minutes—and let us know your thoughts. Ha-ha or hell no?