Baby Gender Testing At Home: Cool Or Curious?

Home is the new OB/GYN. Not only can you take a pregnancy test in the comfort of your own home, but you can test the gender of your baby, too. Intelligender, an at-home kit for determining the sex of a baby, is on the market.The urine-based test—which can be used as early as 10 weeks from conception—has sparked debate. Some predict it will lead to an increase in abortions if parents have a preferred sex in mind. Others doubt its accuracy. And while it’s advertised as a “Fun Pre-Birth Experience,” it doesn’t seem very pleasant. I’d rather take a trip to the doc than follow instructions that include peeing into a cup, using a syringe to put some of it into a “test vessel,” doing some shaking, and then maybe (it’s only 90 percent effective) finding out the sex of the baby. But maybe that’s me.

You be the judge. Is this test something to get excited about? Or should we be a little bit skeptical? [Daily Telegraph]