Twitter Tirades: First Tweets!

Twitter is enjoying lots of virgin experiences lately. Twittering jurors caused a mistrial, members of Congress twitted away during Obama’s state of the union address, and last week we saw the first tweet from space. Here are a few more getting their Twitter-cherry popped.

  1. Is there such a thing at Twibel (Twitter + libel)? Thanks to Courtney Love, there may be soon. Fashion designer Simorangkir has filed the first Twitter-based libel claim against Love, and it looks like Court will be going to court. The designer says Love damaged her reputation by calling her a “nasty, lying, hosebag thief” and accusing her of “assault and burglary.” Love twittered the designer would be “hunted til your [sic] dead.” The angsty tweets were sparked when the designer dropped Love as a client because she didn’t pay a $4,000 bill. [Independent]
  2. Now surgeons have one more thing to think about: Twitter. The first tweet during surgery happened this Monday at the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, where hospital staffers gave updates during the removal of Chris Gilbreath’s left kindney, which was subsequently implanted into his three-year-old, John. Since John and Chris’s surgeries happened at different hospitals, the idea was to update wife/mother Amanda Gilbreath. [Healthcare IT News]
  3. John McCain was criticized during his 2008 campaign for his (un)savvy interweb skillz. But he made history when he gave the first Twitter interview, which ABC News has dubbed a “Twitterview.” ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos asked, “AIG: Would a President McCain break bonus contracts?” Want more McCain? Check out his almost-daily posts. [CNET]
  4. The answer to plummeting business for Starbucks? Twitter! The coffee giant has started to sending marketing messages via tweets from its Twitter page this month. Join the company’s 183,955 followers to score free java.