Sniff, Sniff — That’s Dating Compatibility You Smell

Basisnote and Scientific Match are developing technology that will hook people up based on their immune systems and odor. Studies have shown how a person smells is based in their immune system, and people are attracted to the odor of those who have different histocompatibility genes, the genetic components of the human immune system, than their own. Dating someone with a different immune system than yours is beneficial in the long run if the two of you decide to procreate. But in the short term this seems like another dating site gimmick. Both of these sites purport to let nature take its course by letting people’s noses make the decision for them, but they have a rather unnatural hand in getting the couple together because they match men and women to people who have opposite immune systems. [Discovery News]

We don’t plan on joining either of these sites because they take the fun out of dating, but we might try the following sites (some real, some imagined) instead.

  • Only matches innie belly buttons with outies, so they “fit” together when one person is lying on top of the other
  • Matches sugar daddies with gold diggers
  • Your dog dates your potential date’s dog first. Then, based on how the puppy date goes, the site decides whether the owners should meet
  • TV producers Cris Abrego and Mark Cronin of “Flavor of Love” and “I Love New York” fix people up based on whether they make (TV) chemistry
  • Matches unmarried women who want children with gay men who want to stay in the closet
  • Matches adults who feel wearing a diaper is a great way to relax.
  • A man picks a woman based on how her foot looks in a particular pair of shoes. Then he has to pick a pair of shoes he thinks she’ll like. If she accepts the shoes, they meet.