Quickies! Britney Has Been Sued By Former Bodyguard

  • Britney was sued by her former bodyguard, Kerry Vine, for “negligently operat[ing] her home.” Vine claimed the work he was forced to perform at her Los Angeles estate caused him to sustain physical injuries. [TMZ] — We’re hoping “physical injuries” isn’t a euphemism for “coke addiction.”
  • Meghan McCain talked sex and gay marriage with Colbert last night. [Jezebel] — Props to McCain, who proved to be a bit vapid, but sweet and surprisingly open-minded.
  • Photoshop allowed Obama to transform into a “trekkie” for the day — or for however long you keep these photos as your screensaver. [Urlesque] — Sorry, Pres, but you can’t compete with Chris Pine.
  • Patrick Swayze rose from the dead today. After a Florida-based radio station announced his death this morning, his rep corrected this grave error (pun intended). [Us Weekly] — We’re glad you’re back, Pat!
  • This morning in the Netherlands, Angelina Jolie attended the trial of a Congolese warlord, who has reportedly been recruiting child soldiers. She said the trial was “a landmark trial for children” and interrupted filming “Salt” to be present. [Perez] — Keep up the good work, Angie! But don’t adopt any more children.
  • Dating wisdom was revealed to us via some very perceptive bathroom graffiti. From personal anecdotes to meaningful mantras, these potty stalls have you covered. [AOL Personals]. — Take a look for some — um — unique advice.