Six Places To Confess Your Relationship Sins Online

The internet has proven to be a great way to get rid of a lot of junk. I’m not talking about eBay. So many forums have popped up for the lovelorn to confess the tangled sex webs they have woven. The net is a perfectly anonymous way to publicize the party in your pants, and we love to read every juicy detail. After the jump, some of our favorite sites for sex and relationship confessions.Kiss & Dish
Registered folks and the site’s bloggers — like the Bromosexual and the Date, Rinse, Repeat girl — reveal their sex and love issues in personal essays. Then the rest of us chime in with our advice.

Confession Post
Confession Post lets anyone say anything, including: “Im am done watching porn and masterbaiting forever. may god forgive me and help me suceed. pray for me please.” Obviously, this site is editor-free, so you can really let loose.

Sorry Mom
No need to annoy all your girlfriends with that story about what happened between you and that hipster DJ, I Bang The Worst Dudes (Sorry Mom) is a blog that let’s any woman spill her tale of woe and whoa. Plus, each story comes complete with the dude’s picture. Bonus!

Nerve’s Dating Confessional
Just before Valentine’s Day 2008, launched its online relationship confessional. The sexy site has a personals section, so once you date one of their clients, you can spill the beans anonymously.

Smith Magazine’s Ex Project
This classy webzine is giving readers the chance to blab about their exes online. With a 1,500-word limit, it’s a big middle finger at Twitter and your ex. Two birds, one internet stone.

Truu Confessions
Whether you’re single and ready to mingle, or you’re a live-strong mom, you can dish your dirt on The site offers different sections of keyboard strokes for different folks.