A New Beverage Says It’s The Opposite of Red Bull

If Red Bull gives you wings, than Drank, a new relaxation beverage, gives you the power to stop flapping them. Touted as a chill pill in a purple can, Drank doubled 7-Eleven’s sale expectations during the bev’s testing phase, and its profits were up 198% last year. But before you crack open a can, check out what’s inside the calming potion: Melatonin, rose hips, and valerian root. Melatonin “controls the human sleep cycle,” according to the company’s website, rose hips give you an antioxidant boost, and valerian root tames anxiety and helps the central nervous system get in chill mode. Ahhh, I feel relaxed already.

Oh, but wait, some doctors aren’t buying it. “I would not recommend it,” David DiPersio, clinical pharmacist at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center said. He says valerian root is known to cause seizures. Now if I ever pick up a can, I’ll be too freaked out to chillax. The company behind Drank claims that all of the ingredients are on the FDA’s “Generally Regarded As Safe” list, aka “GRAS.” (Worst. Acronym. Ever.) But DiPersio cautions that, just because something is on the list, doesn’t mean it’s a sure bet. “You don’t know the source or purity of possible contaminants,” he says.

As for the drink’s name? Urban Dictionary defines “drank” as, “Codeine; purple syrup that people from the southside of Houston, Texas mix in their sodas and drink to ‘lean.'” Pair that with the drink’s slogan, “Slow Your Roll,” and it sure sounds like the company’s making some kind of drug reference here. “We wanted something fun, something that was a healthy alternative to people for using drugs and alcohol,” said Peter Bianchi, founder and CEO of Innovative Beverage, which is responsible for the drink. [Time]

Well, I’m going to pass for now, but have you drank the Drank? Would you give it a swig? Or, are you not feeling this form of purple rain?