Mary-Louise Parker Regrets Getting Naked On “Weeds”

On “Weeds,” Mary-Louise Parker plays a sexy suburban mom who sells pot. Parker is cool with the druggy persona, but she isn’t happy about having to strip down during last season’s finale. In the scene, she bears all in a bathtub and the camera lingers on her boobs, a shot which obviously ended up all over the internet in a clip titled: “Mary Louise Shows off Her Big Nipples.” But was this nude scene unnecessary — or totally awesome? In a recent interview with More, Parker says she was “goaded” into doing the scene. “I didn’t think I needed to be naked. I fought with the director about it, and now I am bitter,” she confessed.

But we’ve been seeing Parker’s girls since the ’90s. There are topless shots of her in “Grand Canyon” and “Sugartime.” And in 2003’s “Angels in America,” Parker got stark naked. So, we’re not sure why a nipple shot was such a big deal.

Roberto Benabib, the show’s co-executive producer, is all about the scene. “I thought it was wonderful, one of the five best scenes Mary-Louise has ever done,” he said. And he’s careful to remind everyone there was a point to the scene. He says they wanted to show that Parker’s character was vulnerable and that her defenses were “stripped away.

In the world of raunchy celeb sex scandals, having a video of your self-proclaimed “big nipples” on the ‘net isn’t so bad. But what do you think: Was this scene warranted or wack? [NYPost]