Lisa Rinna Opens Her Silicone Trap

rinna 051909 g jpg
With a new book dropping today (it’s called Rinnavation—get it?) and a Playboy spread coming out soon, Lisa Rinna has a lot to gab about. The hottest topic? Her lips. While I’ve always suspected those suckers were plastic, she’s fessed up that 23 years ago she got silicone injections, inspired by Bette Midler’s pout in “Beaches.” When the silicone hardened into scar tissue, she went in for cortisone treatment, which she describes as “gross.” “This is the first time I have told what I have done to my lips,” she told “The Today Show.” “[They've] made me who I am.” — Lisa, I am crying on the inside for you. It only looks like I’m smiling ‘cause I can’t move my lips.

Seems like the hottest trend in Hollywood these days is coming clean about botched plastic surgery. Here are other celebs who’ve publicly dissed their plastic surgeons.

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