Heels Are Better For Your Health — And Sex Life!

As soon as I put on a pair of four-inch heels, I long for the moment when I can take them off. It’s not that they’re that painful, but I feel immense guilt about treating my poor little feet so badly. My sky-high pumps can’t possibly be good for them … or can they?

Researchers in Italy have given ladies a reason to smile—and strut. As it turns out, heels may not be that bad and could even be better than the flatter alternative. In addition to helping you feel sexy, completing your high-powered ensemble, and giving you a bit of a height boost, heels improve your posture, help heal sore hamstrings, and—best of all—liven up your sex life. Supposedly heels that are a couple inches high put your body in a stance that improves pelvic floor muscles, helping invigorate orgasms. Flats, on the other hand, can cause feet to roll inward, inducing shin splints, provoking backaches, and—worst of all—causing the legs of petite gals like me to look stubby.

Don’t hesitate to slip into those fantastic new skyscrapers. Now that you have scientific proof telling you to sport stilettos, you can ditch those flats sans guilt. Here’s to heels! Now start strutting. [The Sun]