The Catholic Kama Sutra? A Monk Explores The Kinkier Side Of Religious Sex.

Is a steamier sex life the key to getting closer to God? According to Father Ksawery Knotz, it is. Sex as You Don’t Know It: For Married Couples Who Love God is chock full of stuff you didn’t learn in Sunday school. And it’s a bestseller in Poland. The inspiration? Football, aka soccer.

“I compare sex to a football game. There are games of different leagues, great and wonderful as well as boring and hopeless.”

It seems Father Knotz knows his stuff in the bedroom. Sex as You Don’t Know It has earned a stamp of approval from the Catholic Church in Poland and the super-conservative Catholic daily newspaper Nasz Dziennik received it with open arms. “People ask me what is allowed and what is forbidden in bed. [That attitude] is ridiculous,” says Father Knotz. His book encourages “saucy, surprising and fantasy-packed” sex with your spouse.

We can get behind that. The whole not-using-birth-control thing? Not so much. [Time]