Jon And Kate Plus A Marriage Contract?

What’s up with the brothers in this whole “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ affair? First, Deanna Hummel’s brother told the tabloids that he’d heard his sister having sex with Jon Gosselin. Now, Kate Gosselin’s brother, and her sister-in-law, have spilled the beans that the couple supposedly has a marriage contract. These turncoats are saying that Kate gave the contract to Jon, told him their relationship was over, and explained that if he fulfills his obligations to the show, on certain days he has complete freedom to “have girlfriends” and “do his own thing.” More after the jump … The Gosselin’s extended family thinks the whole situation is a “train wreck for all to see.” They say the family is falling apart and continuing the charade for the sake of ratings. And they’ve urged new laws to protect children on reality television shows.

What do you think should happen when a reality marriage goes rogue? Should the show be canceled to protect the kids from living a manufactured life, or is it cool for America to feast on the carcass of the marriage while the couple continue to play house and pretend life is peachy? [Radar Online]