Album Drop: The Newest Releases From Eminem, Tori Amos, Iron & Wine, And Jarvis Cocker

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means. It’s new record release time! This week, skip right past Lionel’s Richie’s Let’s Go. Trust me, it’ll make you want to never listen to or touch any relics from the ’80s, your Madonna lace gloves included. Here’s what’s really going on now: Tori Amos confesses, Eminem relapses, Iron & Wine gives us a sip, and Jarvis rocks out with his Cocker out.

Tori Amos, “Abnormally Attracted To Sin”
Tori Amos has gone fuzzy. Her vocals are as deep as her lyrics, and she’s given up the solo piano sound in favor of more tweaked out arrangements. But if you need an I’m-on-the-rag record, no worries. Tori delivers with haunting gorgeousness.

Iron & Wine, “Around The World”
Breathless singing and a folksy guitar—this indie dude is a good substitute for Cat Stevens. The record rings sweet, if a bit saccharine. When you’re looking for some chill-out time this summer, Iron & Wine has some lovely little ditties for you.

Eminem, “Relapse”
This is a relapse—the potty-mouthed preacher is back. Eminem’s still smack-talking celebs (like ex Mariah Carey) and threatening violence, but on this album, he finally admits he’s a lot like his pill-popping mother. Although he’s as angry as ever, the rhymes are lazy, and he’s started getting slow in some songs, like “Bagpipes From Baghdad.” How’d he end up on “Sesame Street”? Maybe by his next record, he’ll see a doctor other than Dre and grow up.

Jarvis Cocker, “Further Complications”
Pulp’s frontman has finally released the follow up to his first solo record. And, Cocker’s still rockin’ our world. Let’s face it, we could watch this cutie on mute, but who’d want to ignore his sexy vocals or angsty anthems? There’s plenty to hold onto here.