A Request To Celebs: Shut Up About Your Bodies, Already

A few days ago, Miley Cyrus tweeted: “i jiggled my thighs and they shook on their own for 3 mississipis [sic] no more late night lucky charms.” Not only can’t the 16-year-old star spell, but she’s insecure about her body.

Afterwards, there was a bit of a backlash, and people started calling her fat. Outraged by these “cyber bullies,” Miley continued tweeting quips about how everyone’s thighs should jiggle, and that even Nicole Richie, who has one of the tiniest bodies of all, has jiggly thighs. Miley’s still growing into her body, so it’s expected that she feels a little uncomfortable in her skin. However, she and other celebrities should stop broadcasting their insecurities to the world. It’s only making us regular girls feel worse about ourselves. Whenever a starlet talks to a magazine and tries to make herself seem more “real” by sharing her insecurities, food indulgences, and what she doesn’t like about her body, she tells young women, “Look how gorgeous I am, and even this isn’t good enough!” Sure, they think they’re making imperfections acceptable by making this type of statement, but the combination of their words and their bodies sends a mixed message.

So, dear celebrities, instead of telling the world you don’t like your arms, elbows, hips or ankles, share this information with a close friend, your psychiatrist, or your dog. Just don’t tell us. From where we stand, you look fine. Nearly perfect, even. And we’re sick and tired of hearing you complain about absolutely nothing.