Remembering Our First Crushes

I love this quirky animated video, directed by Julia Pott and constructed from interviews with friends about first crushes, which, of course, got me thinking about some of my own first encounters with (usually unrequited) love. In first grade, there was Steven, whose name I used to write with my finger on fogged-up windows and mirrors, always enclosing it inside a heart. He was in love with Jennifer, who had the most enviable, super-long, silky hair. I tried to grow mine like hers, but my mother had it cut in a bob right before summer break, when I got glasses and my big, buck front teeth grew in. I think it was years before anyone had a crush on me. In third grade, I liked another Steven — but this one happened to like my best friend, Kristy, who didn’t like him back. Steven used to confide in me on the playground how brokenhearted she made him, and I’d always die a little inside. In fourth grade, I loved a boy named Brian who sat next to me in Ms. Zernow’s class and always beat me by mere seconds in our all-grade school races. By the end of the year I decided to stop letting him win, but it was too late — I never could quite catch up to him. In eighth grade, I finally liked someone who actually liked me back. Our love affair was chaste and short-lived. Just days after he confessed his feelings for me, my dad took a new job, and we had to move — all the way to Europe! It was weeks before I could muster the enthusiasm to crush on anyone at my new school.

What do you remember about your first crushes?