Ask The Astrosexologist: Am I Wasting My Time On This Pisces Guy?

“I’m a Scorpio (11/9/84 at 3:08pm) and the guy in question is a Pisces (3/15/84 at 4:26pm). I met him three years ago, and we dated for nine months. We ended up breaking up because he wasn’t able to juggle school, work, friendships and a girlfriend. Since then we have stayed really good friends. Last summer, after about 19 months, we started hooking up again, no strings attached. The problem is, I have been in love with him since the beginning. We both admit there is some strong connection between us, but I’m confused. He stated once before that he was afraid to get back with me because he didn’t want it to end badly and ruin our friendship. We often get into fights that are beyond heated and passionate, only to be fine with each other a few hours later, even if one of us has said we are walking away forever. Things have recently become more confusing since he started hooking up with a much older Gemini woman. Are we a match that will eventually work out when he gets over himself or am I wasting my breath?” – Optimistic Scorpio Pisces typical defense is playing the victim and playing the “I don’t want to hurt you” routine. Typically, it’s a crock of s**t. Sorry, he is not the one. Although he likes and connects with you, it isn’t enough for him. Pisces can be quite manipulative with their words when their emotions are not fully there, just to keep you off to the side to have you when they want. Remember, they are represented by the up and down fish, which means they are extreme; they don’t tend to sit on the fence with their emotions when they are in love — so don’t hold your breath, because you will be the one wasting yours.

As a Scorpio, there is a major tendency to get fixated on one idea and think that it’s the only one. Since you feel things so intensely, it is almost impossible to even consider that there might be another possibility, but there always is. Even with your Taurus moon that loves to hold on, you will have to be the one to open up your mind and heart to bigger and better options. Luckily, you have an Aries rising and this is an amazing time for you, as Aries is dominating the skies right now. Venus and Mars, the planets of love and sex, are both in Aries and will be there until early June. Then, it enters Taurus until early July, which bodes well for your moon. All in all, these next few months are for falling in love with someone new or at least getting some action. Even though you might not meet the one tomorrow, just setting your heart and mind in new direction will do wonders for your libido and self-esteem. there is no where to go with this Pisces and if you keep holding onto that dead dream, it’ll only anchor you at the bottom of your heart with no light to carry you out.

If I happen to be wrong, because his Virgo rising and moon are making him act opposite than what he feels, then he will come back only after you set your sights elsewhere. Just waiting in the wings won’t make anything more happen, other than a continued friendship with benefits. Plus, you have nothing to lose by dropping this hope and moving on. You’ve put it out there and if he wants it, he’s going to have to do the work to come get it. However, ladylove seems not to be on your side for this one.

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