The Worst Yearbook Moments Ever

Yearbooks capture the most awkward moments of our lives. I can hardly open mine. During my senior year, I decided it was a good idea to get dreadlocks, a decision forever immortalized in my National Honor Society photo. Terrible? Definitely. But even my worst yearbook moments pale in comparison to these horrors.

  • Earlier this year, a 16-year-old girl decided not to wear underwear to school because she didn’t want pantylines. When she sat down on the bleachers to pose for the Pottery Club photo, her decision to go commando was captured forever—her crotch was visible under her short green dress. The girl’s mother asked the yearbooks be reprinted without this racy pic, but the school’s administrators say the image looks like a shadow and the family is overreacting. [CNN] — Easy for them to say. Guess that’s what you get for joining Pottery Club. And for pulling a Britney Spears.
  • Some prankster at a school in Arizona slipped some funnies into the yearbook without the editors noticing. Only, they weren’t so funny. Under one girl’s name, they wrote “fat a**,” and by a guy’s name they penned “sexually derogatory” words. The school administration is horrified and says that if they find out who did it, they’ll suspend or expel them. The teacher who headed the yearbook staff has been asked to take a few days off while school officials investigate. [AZFamily] —Sounds like the kids in this school need a lesson in R-E-S-P-E-C-T!
  • In Middletown, Pennsylvania, one school’s yearbook editors didn’t put their spell-check in check. And some students ended up with really embarrassing nicknames. A student named Max Zupanovic was renamed “Max Supernova,” while Kathy Carbaugh became “Kathy Airbag.” Alessandra Ippolito was listed as “Alexandria Impolite.” [MSNBC] — My last name is Dowling, so would I have become “Nikki Darling?” That’s not so bad.