By The Numbers: Ch-Ch-Cheap Travel Deals

If you’re a fast typist, a risk-taker, or a spur-of-the-moment kinda gal, listen up. Summer is approaching and the recession is upon us, so travel companies and travel websites are rolling out big savings for those of us in need. Or maybe they’re trying to boost revenue? Either way, you could be only a few bucks away from sunning on the beach in Cali or dancing the night away in Vegas. Check out these outrageous deals, courtesy of the New York Times. [NYTimes]

  • 14. The amount of money in dollars that it cost 140 lucky peeps to fly from San Francisco to New York on JetBlue last month during a one-day sale.
  • 29. The number of smackers it cost peeps to travel on JetBlue from New York to Boston or Las Vegas to Long Beach during a one-day sale in March.
  • 1. The number of dollars it’ll cost to score a hotel on if you’re lucky enough to be on the site during a “flash sale.” Travelers don’t know exactly when the sales are going to take place, but they occur in 15-minute intervals. Sign up for clues.
  • 50. The percent off is offering on luxury hotels in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York.
  • 14,532. The number of cut-rate auction listings on high-end hotels and villas at
  • 2,200. The amount of money it cost a Long Island man to stay four nights at an ultra luxurious villa at Sheriva on Anguilla after winning an auction on Rooms in this villa can cost up to $10,000 per night. This lucky guy had his own private chef in a 10,000-square-foot cabin. Oh, and a staff of five people.
  • 120. The cost of a two-night stay, including taxes and breakfast, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Fort Meyers, Florida. The hotel normally costs $159 for one night. Check out for more sweet deals.

So, anyone up for a trip?

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