Quickies!: Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz Made Another Baby?

  • Ashlee Simpson is reportedly pregnant with baby numero dos. [Dlisted] — Well, that’s one way to keep her and Pete Wentz together for a while longer.
  • Eminem said staying in touch with friend Elton John helped during the days after his rehab stint. [Perez Hilton] — You know, I still don’t get what Eminem brings to this friendship.
  • Police were called to Paris Hilton’s house for the second time this week because neighbors heard her yelling at Doug Reinhardt. And guess what she was yelling about? [TMZ]
  • Guys find these 10 girl behaviors to be really annoying. [Lemondrop]
  • Every celebrity has a Twitter account, including these losers no one cares about. [PopEater] — You know, I’d care about Bethenny Frankel’s tweets if she wasn’t always bragging about her charity donations.
  • Newsflash: Downtown hipsters don’t wear Tommy Hilfiger or any other preppy clothier. [Refinery 29] — Has anyone besides Tommy worn Hilfiger in this century?
  • Saying “no thanks” to the extra tissue paper and other wrappings when making a purchase at your favorite retailer is another way to be an eco-conscious fashionista. See what other ways you can help the environment while staying your truly fabulous self. [Clutch]