Dell’s Della: A Computer For Women

Dell recently unveiled the Della, a small, lightweight laptop made for chicks. Basically, it’s the same as any other laptop, except the Della comes in a variety of pastel colors and styles and has a bunch of cutesy accessories to go with it. Like, oh mi gawd! Why do companies market products to women by emphasizing style and trendiness rather than something substantial—like, say, function? The deets on the new Dell after the jump …

  • The Della has up to eight hours of battery life. That’s basically all Dell tells us. I guess they figure we can’t handle the technical stuff.
  • Dell was kind enough to provide a “Tech Tips” tab because girls suck at using technology. Originally, this tab was full of vintage shopping vids, dieting tips, calorie counters, recipe finders, and even a short clip about cooking. Dell, it’s “Tech Tips” not “Home Ec.”
  • As you can imagine, many gals were outraged by the blatant sexism, so Dell revamped the website. Now, they’re all about style. The computers come in a million colors. Visitors can brows through hundred of different models in the “Design Studio” or they can shop by designer. Nice try, Dell. Still sexist.
  • To elevate the shopping experience, Dell has provided a “Dell Lounge” where us chicks can listen to music while designing and personalizing the perfect laptop. I don’t know if this computer actually works, but at least I’ll look hot using it? Especially when I buy a pink striped case and a cute green mouse to go with it. Annoying.