15 Things Never To Do On A Date

The Huffington Post reports five things not to do on a date. They include talking about an ex, being cheap, and getting drunk. (Really? Getting drunk made the list? We can fondly remember many dates when getting drunk was the saving grace!) While we agree with some of the list, we can’t help wondering why they stopped at five. Drawing on our own dating past for inspiration, we can think of plenty more dating don’ts to include. After the jump, 15 more things never to do on a date.

  1. Give your medical history
  2. Talk about what a horrible childhood you had
  3. Admit to liking Josh Groban
  4. Order anything with onions
  5. Brag about your salary
  6. Complain about your salary
  7. Name-drop
  8. Ogle other people
  9. Fail to make eye contact
  10. Forget his/her name
  11. Talk too much about yourself
  12. Complain about work
  13. Complain about not having work
  14. Act like you’re in therapy
  15. Give away the ending to any recent movie

What more can you think of?