The Real Hotties Of Maxim’s Hot 100

maxim 051409 intro jpg
As if us ladies are not already kept very aware of the Playboy bunny-esque qualities men supposedly find hot, every year lad mag Maxim graciously reminds us of their 100 favorite hotties—who look creepily similar. Big boobs. Bouncy hair. A toned ass. Yawn.

Most of the women who make Maxim drool are glaringly obvious—hi, Anna Kournikova and Scarlett Johannson—and other choices are as downright confusing as we know men to be. (Exhibit A: “Hills”-bot Heidi Montag. Really, Maxim?) But we have to give the magazine a little credit for the few smart, sexy, funny women who they included that we actually like. (Alas, not Tina Fey or Amy Poehler, but there’s always next year.)

So—no offense to blonde extensions and double DDs!— but here are the real hotties in the Maxim hot 100.

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