Quickies!: The Feds Try To Take A Tot’s Illicit Drugs

  • The Food and Drug Administration is demanding Cheerios change its advertising that says the cereal will reduce cholesterol by 4 percent or risk being removed from market shelves. [Dumb As A Blog] — Way to get in bed with the drug industry, FDA!
  • Tahlia Brookins, 18, from the most recent cycle of “America’s Next Top Model” is pregnant. “I was told multiple times over and over that I couldn’t get pregnant … My initial reaction to my pregnancy was shock,” she said. [PopEater] — Good thing she was eliminated.
  • Judge Wade McCree in Detroit has a rather novel idea for sentencing fathers who don’t pay their child support. He makes them watch “Maury Povich” at least once a month instead of going to jail. “Some of these men in my court watch the show and see how ridiculous some of the deadbeats look, and then they realize it’s them,” he explained. [Perez Hilton]
  • Bruce Jenner’s new face looks kind of like his old one. [Dlisted]
  • Dr. Harry Fisch, author of Size Matters, breaks down what size, shape, texture and taste mean when it comes to a guy’s libido in Cosmopolitan. [College Candy] — Great info, and I didn’t have to shell out any money. Yay!
  • These bullet-inspired accessories will have you making love (to your reflection in the mirror) not war. [Refinery 29] — Just so you know, we’ve heard crystals lose their powers if they’re encased in metal.