Let’s Hear It For The Boys (Wear)

Boys have all the fun. Their daily alcohol limit is three units (ours is two) and they get to pee standing up. And now, fashion is playing on the boys’ team, too! Kitsuné’s new collection has a total schoolboy vibe, the Olsens are about to debut a menswear line (and Ashley just did a menswear-clad photoshoot for V magazine), and Rihanna’s been sporting tuxedos on the red carpet. It seems everyone has gone boy crazy, so here’s how to rock the look.

  1. Baggy houndstooth pants have that louche newsboy vibe. [$139, Christin Michaels, Zappos.com]
  2. Since we have no freakin’ clue how to tie a tie, this t-shirt has a nice version neatly attached. [$59,Casual Couture by Green Envelope, Bluefly.com]
  3. This blazer is lightweight and all set for warmer temps. [$79, Jcrew.com]
  4. These saddle shoes say “businessman” at first, but have a girly touch thanks to gold star adornments. [$158, F-Troupe, Oaknyc.com]

Photo Credit from one to four: Christin Michaels, Casual Couture by Green Envelope, J.Crew, F-Troupe