Woman Hides Her Mom’s Dead Body To Collect Pension Checks. Plus, Other Money-Hungry Peeps.

Yeah, money is tight these days. But some people are going to crazytown lengths to score some moolah. After the jump, the deets on a woman who faked her (and her son’s) kidnapping to get ransom money, a postal worker who stole and sold $20K worth of stamps, and a woman who kept her dead mom’s body in a spare bedroom for six years to collect the pension checks. Ever heard of getting a second job?

  • Last month, Alejandra Arriaza took her 17-year-old son on a shopping trip in Miami, and upon returning to the car, the two were confronted by a gunman who threatened to kidnap them. Alejandra acted surprised, but she wasn’t—the gunman was her boyfriend, whom she’d asked to fake the kidnapping in order to scare her son’s father into paying the ransom. [NBC Miami] It gets worse: This guy bound her son and threatened with him a blowtorch. The extortion plot was almost a success — until the FBI charged Arriaza, her boyfriend, and his nephew. [Palm Beach Post] — The joke’s on you, Alejandra. Now you’re gonna have to pay a fortune for your son’s psychiatric bills.
  • When Penelope Sharon Jordan’s mom died in 2003, rather than having a funeral, she decided to keep her mom’s deceased body in a spare bedroom and bank her mother’s pension benefits. Over six years, they amounted to $200,000. If it wasn’t for a call about stray cats surrounding the house, Florida police might never have found the body. A federal grand jury charged Jordan with Social Security fraud and theft. An autopsy shows no signs of foul play regarding the mother’s death. [Yahoo] — We know there’s a “Yo Mamma” joke hiding somewhere in this story.
  • This story gives “going postal” a whole new meaning. Michigan postal worker John Auito admitted he stole $20,000 worth of first-class stamps since September. He’s been selling them online to keep up with his mortgage payments. Auito resigned after investigators confronted him in late April. An arrest warrant was issued for him, and authorities say that he has made plans to turn himself in. [CNN] — We feel sorry for Auito, but we can’t give him our stamp of approval.
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