Family Matters: I Don’t Want My Dad To Give Away My Step-Aunt

We’re supposed to abandon our childish ways as we age, but right now I want to be selfish. Recently, I learned that my stepmother’s sister is getting remarried at 54. She’s going all out — wearing a white dress, recruiting bridesmaids, and won’t spend nights with her fiance until they’re wed. Oh, and she wants my father to give her away. My father often takes the path of least resistance, so he agreed to perform this task, even though the bride’s mother is still alive. As his eldest daughter, I thought I would have the honor of being the first to walk down the aisle on my dad’s arm. But my step-aunt (and I use the word “aunt” loosely) beat me to it. I guess what’s most upsetting to me is that my father doesn’t have much of a relationship with this woman — besides saying “hello” and “goodbye” when she graces the family with her presence. The connection she has with my stepmother is blood. In all likelihood, my step-aunt asked my father because he’s the eldest adult male in the family, but I think she should have asked her mother because that’s who knows her best.

I must sound like a selfish child from the days before feminism turned wedding traditions upside down, but I believe this is inappropriate and disrespectful to my sister and me. What do you all think? Should I put on my adult face and suck it up? Or do I have cause to be upset?