Who IS Chris Pine, Anyway?

Oh, Chris Pine. Simcha and I are so sorry for doubting you. We didn’t think you had the brawny hotness to play Captain Kirk. We thought you were too pretty to battle the Romulans and woo the ladies with your rough, raw male charisma. But we were wrong. Oh. So. Wrong. Pine captures the essence of Captain Kirk without resorting to a Shatner impersonation, and he brings a whole new level of sexiness to the notorious ladies man character. For long time fans and new converts alike, here’s everything there is to know about the delicious Chris Pine.
LOVES: Even though he’s had his share of young, hot costars, Pine seems to be a serial monogamist. For a while, he was with actress Sorel Carradine, but he’s since moved on to dating Beau Garrett, who was in “Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer” and “Made Of Honor.” She’s also a Revlon model and is stupid pretty.

CREW: For starters, Pine comes from an acting family. His dad played Sgt. Joe Getraer (Ponch’s partner) on “CHiPs,” and his mom was in “Masters of the Universe.” Awesome. Friendship-wise, I’m happy to report that he and Zachary Quinto, who plays Spock in the “Star Trek” prequel, were good friends before they were cast in the movie. Pine is pals with friend-of-J.J. (Abrams) Greg Grunberg, as well as his “Smokin’ Aces” director Joe Carnahan, too.

CAREER: Pine may be a sci-fi hero now, but he’s previously known for being a teen chick-flick heartthrob. He was Anne Hathaway’s love interest in both “Princess Diaries” movies and, sadly for him, starred opposite Lindsay Lohan in “Just My Luck.” He started to show off his real acting chops in the indie film “Bottle Shock,” which helped him land the role of Kirk in “Star Trek.” Now that he’s a big ol’ movie star, what’s next? Supposedly he’s in talks to play the lead in “The Green Lantern,” directed by his friend Carnahan.


  • If acting doesn’t work out, Pine has a degree to fall back on. He has a degree in English from the University of California at Berkeley. That’s a hard school to get into, y’all!
  • His middle name is Whitelaw, which is almost as pretentious as Tiberius.
  • His eyes really are that amazing blue color, and, yes, I do get lost in them.
  • He played gay in the movie “Surrender Dorothy.” Simcha has a theory that Natalie Portman has a fetish for actors who’ve played gay. Match made in heaven?

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