Saudi Arabia: Where The Recession Is A Real Slap in The Face

Have you ever spent so much money you wanted slap yourself? Well, now you don’t have to! Thanks to a Saudi Arabian court, if a wife spends too much of her man’s dough, he can put her in her place for her. What a savings!

Many of the local men, and now the courts, have been hitting wives hard because of how they choose to use cash. Saudi Arabian women like Princess Adila bint Abdullah, deputy chairperson of the National Family Safety Program, as well as international human rights groups, have complained about the seemingly court-sanctioned spike in domestic violence justice. If you offer Judge Hamad Al-Razine a penny for his thoughts, he’ll tell you that women are the ones doing the shopping, “but nobody puts even a fraction of blame on them.” The judge argues that men are just reacting to the financial sitch and someone has got to knock some sense into these women, right? Last year, 64 cases of domestic abuse were reported in Asir alone. And that’s one of 13 provinces in the country. Forget what’s going on in the malls—this is the real trend watch for women.

While the flight to Saudi Arabia might cost you more than all those shopping bags full of fabulous, the recession lesson here is priceless. Next time you want to spend money on a little black dress, just think like a Saudi Arabian woman and imagine how bad it will look with a big black eye. [Arab News]