Quickies!: Bruce Jenner Is Going To Get His Mug Fixed

  • Twenty-five years ago, Bruce Jenner had a botched partial facelift and a nose job. Now, he plans to correct the surgery with another facelift for his 60th birthday. [Dlisted] — Stop making him the butt of all those jokes. This could happen to anyone!
  • Ryan Seacrest and British chef Jamie Oliver plan to give healthy makeovers to the most unhealthy places in the U.S., among them city schools and workplaces, on their ABC reality series. [Perez Hilton]
  • You might want Carrie Prejean to disappear down the rabbit hole, but think about it for a minute. Without her, how would we have learned that fake, diamond-encrusted earrings aren’t cute? See what other lessons you can learn from Miss California. [College Candy]
  • Farrah Fawcett opens up about battling cancer in the public eye, saying she felt as if she was under a microscope. [PopEater]
  • Remember when Facebook banned photos of breast-feeding mothers? Apparently, Holocaust-denier groups aren’t as offensive to the website. [Asylum]
  • Texas bills victims for rape kits, even though the state’s crime victim compensation fund has a large surplus that could cover the costs. [TrèsSugar]
  • The women who inspired “Calendar Girls” are shedding their clothes to raise money for cancer research. [My Earthlink] I wouldn’t want this calendar, but I definitely support their efforts.
  • The web is going gaga over a video of the “cutest monkey ever” and its friend, a slow loris. [Urlesque] — Too bad the owner was probably trying to sell these wild animals.