If Tights Aren’t Constrictive Enough For You, Put Your Legs In Cages

As more celebrities say “no” to pants, tights and leggings have become stand-alone articles of clothing. Now, they’re getting accessorized. A couple months ago, we checked out some cool chain-mail stockings, but they appeared to be possibly dangerous. Australian designer James Lillis, who makes the craziest, fanciest tights we’ve ever seen, has come up with a style called “Cages” that cost $120 a pair. The leggings feature gold or silver chains hooked onto them — so it looks like your legs are locked in a cage. You know how your legs feel so fabulous when you take off a pair of tights at the end of the day? They’d probably feel twice as free when you let them out of these leg Cages. [JamesLillis.com via Kingdom of Style]